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Prof. David Greenblatt


David Greenblatt is a tenured associate professor at the Technion’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. He completed his BSc and MSc degrees in Mechanical Engineering at the University of the Witwatersrand and served as a Technical Specialist at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. He obtained his PhD from Tel Aviv University in 1999 and since has held post-doctoral and teaching positions at NASA Langley Research Center, Technical University of Berlin, Illinois Institute of Technology, University of the Witwatersrand and Tel Aviv University.


His research interests include energy-related flow control applications, unsteady aerodynamics, active separation control, dynamic stall control, wake and vortex management, high-lift and high-alpha aerodynamics, turbo-machinery, jet noise, transition, turbulence and combustion. He has than authored or co-authored more than fifty journal papers and book chapters, more than seventy conference papers and has been awarded numerous patents. He is the founder and director of the Flow Control Laboratory.


Anan Garzuzi

M.Sc. (cum laude) Mechanical Engineering

Presently Ph.D. Student, GTEP




Project: Wind-Driven Piston-Pump for Water Desalination


David Keisar

Ph.D. student (direct track), GTEP
Presently a Postdoc fellow


Project: Vertical axis wind turbine optimization for desalination and energy generation using active flow control and machine learning

Lev Dunaevich

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Presently Ph.D. Student, Mechanical Engineering



Project: The Transient Coandă effect


Dor Polonsky

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering
Presently M.Sc. student, Mechanical Engineering


Project: Turbomachinery enhancement using DBD actuation

Mordechai Garcia

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering
Presently M.Sc. student, Mechanical Engineering




Project: analysis of performance and application of active flow control using plasma on dual element wing

Past Students

Iliya Romm

“Subcritical pipe flow transition control using dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators”

MSc., February 2010

Magen Schulman

“Dynamic stall control on a vertical axis wind turbine using dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators”

MSc., August, 2011

Binyamin Sasson

“Vertical axis wind turbine performance improvement via leading-edge slot blowing”

MSc., March, 2012

Alexander Treizer

“Generation of energy by the active control of flow over a cylindrical pendulum”

MSc., September, 2012

Snir Goyta

“Tethered cube stabilization by means of active flow control”

MSc., September, 2012

Amos Ben Harav

“Optimization of a pulsed-plasma controlled vertical axis wind turbine”

MSc., September, 2012

Gilad Doron

“A reciprocating wind energy generator driven by flow control”

MSc., March, 2013

Amit Katz

“Active flow control of vortex induced vibrations of a tethered sphere in a steady fluid flow”

MSc., May, 2013 (co-advisor with Prof. Rene van Hout)

Alexander Eidelman

“Development of a reciprocal motion wind-energy generator”

MSc., October, 2013

Alexander Shapira

“Investigation of the Turbulent Aspects in a Pulse Tube Cryogenic System”

MSc., September, 2013 (co-advisor Prof. Gershon Grossman)

David Elatov

“Separation Control in a Centrifugal Fan Using Plasma Actuator”

MSc., May, 2013

Ronen Lautmann

“Combined Upwind/Downwind Plasma-Based Flow Control on a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine”

MSc., July, 2014

Yevgeni Furman

“Progress in the Development of a Low-Speed Oscillatory-Flow Wind Tunnel”

MSc., December 2014

Hanns Müller-Vahl

“Wind Turbine Blade Dynamic Stall and its Control”

PhD., June 2015

Ron Danon

“Coandă-based Reciprocating Wind Energy Generator”

MSc., July 2015

Mark Epshtein

“Inlet Guide Vane Separation Control Using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators”

MSc., October 2015

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