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About the Lab

The Flow Control Laboratory is located in the Tark-Recu Turbo and Jet Engine Building at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Our research is directed towards flow control topics with a strong emphasis on energy-related problems.


At the heart of the lab is the unsteady low-speed wind tunnel. It is unique in the sense that it was designed specifically for unsteady flows, but it can also double as a steady facility.  The test section area is 1.0mx0.61m, it has a top speed of 55m/s with low turbulence, while the frequency bandwidth, oscillation amplitude and acoustic properties are variable.


In additional to industrial projects, research presently being performed includes fundamental unsteady aerodynamics, horizontal and vertical axis wind turbine aerodynamics and fundamental flow control problems. Primary funding for the research emanates from the Safra Foundation, the Israel Science Foundation, the US-Israel Bi-national Science Foundation, the Germany-Israel Foundation and the Grand Technion Energy Program.

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