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About us

The Flow Control Laboratory is located in the Tark-Recu Turbo and Jet Engine Building at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


Our research is directed towards flow control topics with a strong emphasis on energy-related problems.


At the heart of the lab is the unsteady low-speed wind tunnel. 

Our Projects

Our projects are directed at flow control applications that enable effective and efficient energy generation and consumption. This includes wind turbines, air vehicles, aero-engines and land-based turbomachinery.


Currently active projects include: 

Load control on wind turbine blades

Plasma-Based flow control on wind turbines

Plasma-Based flow control in axial fans

Fundamental studies on unsteady aerodynamics

Wind-energy generation by active flow control

Plasma flow characterization in electric arc tunnels

News from the FCL
Congratulations to Prof. Greenblatt for his paper “Unsteady Low-Speed Wind Tunnel Design” that was selected for Best Paper Award: 31st AIAA Aerodynamic Measurement Technology and Ground Testing Conference                   Link to Article >>

See our recent publications at:


Recent Invited Presentation: Adaptive Slot Blowing for VAWT Blade Load Control,
by Prof. Greenblatt at the Euromech Colloquium 583
Scientific and Technological Challenges in Offshore Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
7 September – 9 September 2016, The Netherlands
                                              Program >>
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